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BEAR FLAG REPUBLIC! If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and listen now. These guys from the Los Angeles area, have only been playing together for about a year, but definitely have their own amazing style that I think is pretty awesome. Bear flag republic is: AJ-Drums and Vocals, Crespo-Keys, Jesus-Vocals and Guitar, Keith-Bass and Vocals, Marlow-Guitar and Vocals. Listen to their song:”The lack of humility being displayed before nature here staggers me” here, and read on for their interview. ;]

1.Has anyone besides me ever compared your vocals to BEIRUT?

Jesus: Yeah, a good friend of ours did a while back and I was totally flattered because Zach Condon is an amazing vocalist.

2. How long have you guys been playing together?
We started playing together in November of 2009 without Crespo but with the addition of Crespo we’ve been playing for about 3 months.

3. How old are your members?
Keith, Jesus, and Crespo are 19. AJ and Marlow are 18

4. What would you like to accomplish together?
We want to create music that people can enjoy and be influenced positively by but ultimately we just want to have fun and see where it takes us.

5. Do you write your songs as a group?

Yes, every song is written by us collectively. Every song has started as a small idea and flourished into what you hear with input from every member. Not one member writes out an entire song on his own without feedback from the rest of the guys.

6. What would be your dream show?
We don’t necessarily have a venue in mind but have certain bands we’d love to play with. The list could go on forever but here’s a few: Grizzly Bear, Local Natives, No Age, Abe Vigoda, Battles, HEALTH, Toe, and Beirut of course.

7. Where are you from?
AJ and Keith are from Norwalk, Jesus is from Bell Gardens, Crespo is from Downey, and Marlow is from La Mirada.

8. Who are your influences?
We draw inspiration from everywhere, DGAF in particular is a group we draw heavily from. Check ‘em out!

9. What inspired you to play together as a band?
AJ and Keith had been playing since late junior high and met up with Jesus, Crespo and Marlow in high school. However it wasn’t until after high school that we decided to make a band. We were all into the same music and seriously committing to a band was a logical step for us because we realized that doing what our favorite bands do wasn’t far out of reach.

10. Have any of you played in a band before this?
There are too many bands to put in a sentence so we’ll just list them:
The Great Rhythm Schism-Keith and AJ
Mustard Stain- Jesus
Spark by the Eastern Hemisphere-AJ and Marlow
Crespo Orkestar- AJ,Marlow,Keith, and Crespo

11. What kind of musical training have you had?
Crespo has the most training out of the whole band, he’s been playing for about 10 years. He started on accordion for about 2 years and eventually went on to classical piano. AJ studied under a drummer by the name of Ronnie Ciago for the better part of 6 years and Keith has been trained in clarinet for about 6 years with the last year under Mark Alpizar. Jesus and Marlow are self taught.

12. What has been your favorite moment together so far?
Our favorite moment as a band together so far was at our second show, the Seldner House. We were so excited to be playing with The Littlest Viking and 60-Watt Kid because we’re huge fans. They gave us some really awesome compliments after our set, it was an amazing night.

13. Any shows coming up you’d like to tell people about?
Yes! we have three. There is one this Thursday at The Strange, another on May 16th at the lovely Mcworld, and one in Long Beach at Viento y Agua Coffee House. All the info can be found on our Myspace and Facebook. Come on out, we’d love to see you!

14. Where can people find your music?, Facebook:!/pages/Bear-Flag-Republic/108741932478112?ref=ts, and Youtube:

15. How would you describe your music?

We like to think of it as Debussy doing hoodrat stuff with his friends.

16. What’s a typical practice like for you guys?
A typical practice usually takes place at AJ’s house where we pile into his room and 5 minutes later Jesus gets explosive diarrhea for the remainder of rehearsal.

17. What is your music about?
Our music is pretty much based around what ever it is we feel like at the time. Nothing really specific.

18. Is there any type of music you can’t stand?

There isn’t much we can’t stand, we’re pretty open to everything.

19. What band do you currently love?
Keith: Local Natives; Marlow: Lately I’ve been listening to Fleet Foxes. I turn it up as loud as I can every morning when I’m driving to school. Feels like I’m on a road trip. AJ: I recently picked up the self-titled American Football album, it’s really good. I’m also playing “Diary” by Sunny Day Real Estate nonstop in my car. “We Come From the Bright Side” by 60-Watt Kid is nothing less than amazing, I can’t stop playing it, pick up their record if you get the chance! Crespo: I’ve been listening to a lot of Ra Ra Riot in my car. I’m also listening to a whole bunch of great classical music in my Music Appreciation class. Jesus: I’ve been listening to a lot of Atlas Sound whenever the mood strikes, which is often. Also, So Many Wizards, a local band form Long Beach. They’re incredible!!! I highly suggest you check em out.

20. Anything else you’d like to share with everyone?
Make some music

Interview by: Amanda Rodriguez

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